Jong-In Park

The goal of the Park lab is to identify fundamental molecular mechanisms that underlie the development/maintenance of medullary thyroid cancer (MTC).  Further, the lab aims to develop novel therapeutic strategies for effective treatment of MTC.  An important current effort in the Park lab is to evaluate the molecular chaperone, mortalin, as a potential therapeutic target for MTC and to elucidate its role particularly in mitochondria of the tumor.  This research is based upon the lab’s recent observation that mortalin is upregulated in MTC and can facilitate tumor cell survival and growth mainly by regulating mitochondrial bioenergetics in the tumor. Another important focus in the Park lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie the tumor suppressive signaling of Raf/MEK/ERK in MTC cells, particularly leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF)/JAK/STAT-mediated cell extrinsic mechanism.


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